First Post Carl Radke Art Glass June 1, 2015 13:41

Hello loyal glass lovers out there. This is my first blog. I'm just figuring this out so please bear with me. I think a little history would be good. I picked up my first blowpipe in 1970 at Brooks Institute of Fine Art in Santa Barbara. It was then that I caught the passion of the glass and have been doing it ever since. In 1975 Phoenix Studios was founded in an old warehouse down by the freeway in Santa Barbara. Back then we would make glass for a week, then go out on the road and sell for a week. Back in those days the only shops that would buy our glass was antique and collectable stores. It was during this period I became fascinated with the luster glass made by Tiffany and Steuben. I would actually be able to touch these creations and feel the weight and see the craftsmanship up close. I love those luster colors and have been using them in my work for my entire career.